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    Let me introduce you to ZotSpot!
    Your social Wi-Fi hotspot network.
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    Try it,
    you will love it!
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    Airports, Hotels, buses,restaurants,
    Public administrations, parks, gas stations...
    It's everywhere!.
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    Launch your own ZotSpot in minutes

The must-have Wi-Fi hotspot!

Born in 2008,when its founders were still students, ZotSpot has grown to a mature Wi-Fi hotspot solution since.
Since then, ZotSpot is powering hundreds of Wi-FI hotspots
Airports, Hotels, Buses, Public administrations, Gas stations, Bars, Restaurants etc ...
it covers every needs when sharing an Internet connexion with the public.

Our mission

We work hard
to bring you the best experience on a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Wether you are a hotspot provider or a user, your experience will be frustration free!


Simple Sign-in

One account to connect to all the hotspots in our network.
Or use your social network accounts to connect even faster.

Blazing Fast

ZotSpot optimizes bandwidth according to the user and the hotspot provider needs. Be sure to surf peacefully at anytime!

Secure from head to toes.

Free Wi-Fi is cool but Free Secure Wi-Fi is better! Your security is our top priority on ZotSpot.

Sharing your Wi-Fi key is like
sharing your home key.
hand your Wi-Fi sharing to ZotSpot and be safe.

- ZotSpot's Team -


There is always an "option for this" with ZotSpot.
Choose from a base package and add as many options as you need along the way.

ZotSpot Public

Self service Public Wi-Fi hotspot solution in the cloud. Stay focused on your business

  • Single Sing In on the whole network
  • Social Sign In
  • Secure connexion
  • Customizable landing page
  • Access to ZotSpot mobile apps
  • Limit Time and Data usage
  • Logs all connexion legaly

ZotSpot Private

Private Wi-Fi hotspot for your users only

  • Grant access to known users only
  • Manageable user directory
  • Secure connexion
  • Limit Time and Data usage
  • Customizable landing page
  • Private accounts can connect to ZotSpot Public network
  • Access to ZotSpot mobile apps
  • Logs all connexion legaly

ZotSpot Communication

Communicate with your users: Flash infos, Coupons, Menu and so on...

  • Display ads and deals on your Wi-Fi page
  • Single Sing In on the whole network
  • Social Sign In
  • Secure connexion
  • Customizable landing page
  • Access to ZotSpot mobile apps
  • Limit Time and Data usage
  • Logs all connexion legaly


These following options are compatible with all ZotSpot's bases packages

  • Deditacted Wi-Fi portal
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Guest Wi-Fi vouchers
  • Wi-Fi time extension vouchers
  • Wi-Fi paid vouchers
  • URL & Content Filtering
  • Advanced OQS
  • Communication injection

ZotSpot Network

ZotSpot flexibility allow for a wide range of applications.
Airports, Hotels, tourists offices, Bars, Restaurants, public administration, public transportation , private lounge, campus etc...


What our clients say about ZotSpot

  • Christiane Soarez

    Responsable Communication Opérationnelle, Aéroport de la Réunion Roland Garros

    "Un service pratique et performant pour les voyageurs et une solution fiable qui s'adapte presque en temps réel à l'évolution des besoins de l'activité de l'aéroport."

  • Olivier Nery

    Directeur opérationnel, Destination Sud Réunion

    "Une solution bien adaptée et de bonne qualité pour les visiteurs de passage dans nos offices de tourisme."

  • Dominique Leperlier

    Direction Informatique et T.I.C, La Ville de Saint Joseph

    "Première ville de la Réunion à ouvrir des hotspots wifi sur le domaine public, Saint-Joseph dispose à ce jour de 3 sites distincts. Le réseau ZotSpot de Saint-Joseph gère en moyenne 3 500 connexions mensuelles en conformité avec la réglementation en vigueur."

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You have a Wi-Fi project, you want to become a reseller, you need more information?
Please contact us and we will do our best to suit your needs.

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